[lubuntu-users] we need ppc testers for xenial!!!!!

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Thu Mar 10 18:43:47 UTC 2016

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>   * we need ppc testers for xenial!!!!!

Walter, et al:

As I couldn't get Lubuntu to run in the GUI on my PM & iBook . . . problems
with the GUI freezing . . . I have had U-MATE Xenial installed since Jan
and largely it is "OK" in my PM, but over in the iBook, the same issue with
GUI "crashing" when more than 3 pps are opened.

And, the same problems with "testing PPC" remain . . . basic "lack of
response" from devs on bug reports made . . . and so the "finger pointing"
continues .  . . devs claiming "nobody is testing" and testers such as
myself, who find that "nobody is listening."

I will assume that this problem extends across all PPC platforms of
Xenial-- the ***chief**** problem for my linux PPC experience is the lack
of a working "suspend" feature, so that I don't have to leave the computer
running if I want to move away from the computer for a half an hour; but,
then not wanting to have to go through the cold boot sequence . . . just to
check emails, etc.  And, this problem has been around for a loooonnnnnggg
time in PPC-land, with various fingers pointed again; whereas, same
computers, back in OSX I have "sleep" function.

Posting in multiple venues of my issue in MATE garnered not a single
response from any devs . . . including a mention of this in a Bug Report.
Other problems I reported were quickly marked as "invalid" . . . without
asking for my apport report, or one guy said in response to my problem on a
PowerMac, "This isn't happening in my iBook .  . . "invalid."

So, if I get a chance I would be happy to get the Lu 16.04 iso and test it
out on my iBook & PM . . . see how it runs . . . .  Personally I think my
iBook is not handling the demands of 16.04; or I could add LXDE to my PM
16.04 install . . . but, the lack of suspend means that linux isn't my "day
to day" system.

And, pointing the finger back . . . are the devs doing "due diligence" to
find out what is being posted on various forums, or just waiting for the
QA?  And even there, the QA "window of attention" seems to be limited,
after which, "It's too late" . . . and then reports are seemingly ignored,
because now they are looking at "Beta" reports . . . so anything posted on
Alpha is now "over."

All of this, even this email, take precious time . . . apparently there
"aren't testers for PPC" . . . but, over in Ubuntu Apple User sub-forum
there is a long thread on "Testers wanted for (Xu)(Lu)(MATE) 16.04PPC" . .
. and the AmigaOne guys are working hard testing Xenial out . . . but
nobody seems to "know."

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