[lubuntu-users] Lubuntu Bug Day Ubuntu On Air Session at 19:00 UTC

scrooyahoo at riseup.net scrooyahoo at riseup.net
Tue Jul 26 15:50:40 UTC 2016

Hi Narcis,

better to exaggerate a bit then to ignore it?

the fact is that it's WAY out of proportion

I as a human try to get a little bit of privacy, and the whole US based 
IT industry does everything in its power to figure out who i am.

And yeah, i do agree with you, Lubuntu is the nicest version of *buntu. 
But this stuf is happening to me here... so i complain about it here,,,

I'm just a bit pissed about it, Google invaded *buntu with captchas??  
those captchas come from google or not??

So i understand that you find that i may overreact a bit, but if *buntu 
in general had done some thinking about this then there whould have been 
no need for me to overreact. So that ball is still on *buntu's site of 
the field.  pissed people tend to overreact a bit...

And hey, i first got a NEW mail account to be able to even communicate 
in here!

Then there is a Bug day that i really like, and i want to take part. 
(but with some basic privacy)

And i just get pushed AWAY with captcha crap.

THATS A BUG, so i hope someone has a look at it and manages to fix it. 

I'm not against Lubuntu in any way or form, i LIKE Lubuntu, but this 
captcha shit hinders me to help this project, it's difficult enough to 
deal with the tech stuff sometimes, and this CRAPCHA crap on top of it 
is REALLY annoying.

I'll try to end this discussion now and focus on Lubuntu. I hope that at 
least the captchas go away, its backwards annoing and disrespects my 

Again i really appreciate what the Lubuntu team has accomplished.  And i 
hope i can help to catch bugs.  ..but then i get bullied with 

That's all

So goolge manages to obstruct Lubuntu's progress with captchas,  a very 
strategic move to demote the competition and give android and chrome yet 
another advantage?  Does that make sense?

On 2016-07-26 11:02, Narcis Garcia wrote:
> scrooyahoo or whoever are you;
> You are exaggerating with subject about jews and World War II.
> *buntu OS distros are GNU/Linux flavours created with Canonical
> policies, a company (not community) with *some* policies focused on 
> and community relationship.
> This is not a community-driven OS distribution, but there is enough
> flexibility to be a decent GNU/Linux distro.
> People who focuses all efforts to personal+community freedom and 
> privacy
> choose other distributions, and in that other collectives you will find
> more people nearer to your minding.

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