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Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 14:48:32 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 1:59 PM, Walter Lapchynski <wxl at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> My estimation of things is that Lubuntu on PPC mostly works, given a few
> caveats. All we need to do to release PPC is for all of the test cases to
> be completed successfully (regardless of whether or not there are bugs) and
> that marked on the QA tracker for the final testing of each milestone. If
> we don't have that done, Canonical will not let us release it.
> PPC was what brought me originally to Lubuntu, so there's a special place
> for it in my heart. Having an OS make that old hardware work was very
> refreshing and introduced me to the real power and mission of Lubuntu.
> However, I haven't ran PPC in a long, long time. That being said, I'm not
> of much help. We rely on the community of users to help out. When I don't
> see testing happening in the community, it makes me think that I'm not the
> only one that's neglected their PPC machines.


I also came to linux in hopes of keeping what were perfectly adequate
computers viable until they actually broke, some of which have and others
are still yet running.  One problem for my own machines is that they have
started to fall below the system requirements, either for RAM or CPU, even
for Lubuntu--which reduces the practicality of using them for work a day

However, when I installed Lu 14 LTS on several of my computers there were
"glitches" and I thought "I won't be upgrading after this" . . . but Lu 16
LTS has actually run better than 14 on both of my PPC computers.  Would I
need to upgrade them again, probably not if support is available for kernel
and browser for a few years more.

And, agreed, a team of "one" is not really a team, it shouldn't fall to wxl
to do everything he can to keep PPC going for Lubuntu.  In terms of
releasing Lu 16 for PPC I would concur that it is for all intents and
purposes, fine.  I posted here about the jaggy graphics of window dragging,
that has been around since 14.04 . . . otherwise, generally good from my
somewhat limited use of it on my iBook G4.

I'm taking time to mention again that on the Apple Hardware User forum, a
small, mostly ignored and Siberia-like sub-forum on the Ubuntu User forums
. . . there are a lot of folks in Europe now coming to the forum to get
help with there AmigaOne machines, that use the motorola processor . . .
and so there could be new enthusiasm for PPC coming to Lubuntu.

What I can do in the coming **weeks** is to try to run through some of the
QA tests on my iBook G4 for the installed Lubuntu 16.06 system.  Also, with
wxl's permission I could re-post his email here about the "State of PPC" on
the apple user sub-forum, and see if that will garner any response(s)???
At least as far as getting some testing on the QA for what might be the
last hurrah for PPC and Lubuntu . . . .

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