[lubuntu-users] Testing for PPC

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 19:31:47 UTC 2016

This is because we received *zero* testing for PowerPC in 16.04.1. If

> you want these images in the future, make sure they are tested[1]. :)
> I hope this answers your question!
> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing#Milestone_releases

Simon, et al:

This is one of those "downward spiral" situations, wherein devs say,
"Nobody is testing, where I'm looking for tests . . ." and PPC users
respond, "Nobody is replying to my efforts to test . . ."

I have posted here numerous times about issues that have come up while I
have been testing the Beta and Alpha PPC versions of Lu Xenial.  I know
that I CC'd SQ and wxl here recently about the "known bugs" issue, but got
no response to it. I **know** that I posted some tests for U-MATE Xenial on
the actual QA for Beta . . . but, then checking back found that those posts
were no longer listed, I believe when it shifted to Beta 2 or something.

But, I am pressed for time in the big city life, and so don't have the time
to go through each of the testing steps of the QA, and/or the filing of bug
reports, so that then a comment can be mentioned, etc.

As could be witnessed on the ubuntu Apple user subforum, the Alpha1 guys
are breathing new life into PPC, and perhaps don't know that "the devs are
only looking at the QA tracker for guidance about how PPC is being
'tested.'"  Many people have given up on the devs over the years I have
been playing with PPC linux . . . because the devs aren't looking elsewhere
for their feedback . . . .

Who is to "blame" for this??

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