[lubuntu-users] Fujitsu Lifebook S761

Andre Campos Rodovalho andre.rodovalho at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 00:03:37 UTC 2016

You may find information about bluetooth chipset with:

$ lshw -c network

Paste the results here...

2016-07-18 19:44 GMT-03:00 <scrooyahoo at riseup.net>:

> new email address activated! I hope this is free form dmarc bully-shit.
> I just figured out the screenshot stuff.
> It worked FN+Insert or FN+ALT+insert.  Then the screenshot is dropped in
> /home
> i expected a popup and a question where to save it.
> I need more time to get my head around the bluetooth stuff, looks like i
> need a .hex file for the Foxxcon Hon Hai... that sucks. BUT on h-node i
> found that this card works.
> Am i correct that h-node is all free, no binary?
> dmesg | grep bluetooth
> [   12.082579] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for brcm/BCM.hcd
> failed with error -2
> what does this tell me?  Is the content in BCM.hcd incorrect?
> what is the full path to brcm/BCM.hcd? i cant seem to find the folder...
> maybe that's the problem . :-)
> How do i know what firmware is inside BCM.hcd and how do i see what actual
> chip is in my laptop.
> Online i see most references to BCM2070 but i also see BCM43xx
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