[lubuntu-users] lubuntu and printers

Richard H. McCullough rhm at pioneerca.com
Mon Feb 29 17:03:33 UTC 2016

I originally built HPLIP from source.
When I executed the System Tools/Software Updater menu in Lubuntu 14,
one of the updates was HPLIP, and the update crashed.
It looked to me like it was recompiling the source.
Does this mean that I should remove my HPLIP
and then select it from the Ubuntu repository to get object version?

Dick McCullough

> To: rhm at pioneerca.com; ian.bruntlett at gmail.com; lubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com
> From: Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
> Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 09:33:30 -0700
> Subject: Re: [lubuntu-users] lubuntu and printers
> On 02/29/2016 07:25 AM, Richard H. McCullough wrote:
> > HPLIP worked for me: HP Photosmart 7520.
> > But I had trouble building it on Dell 8200 with only 512 MB RAM.
> > I had to close all other processes.
> >
> > The last automatic software update from Ubuntu crashed during build.
> Do you build your HPLIP from source?  I only use the version 
> (non-source) from the Ubuntu repository.
> I haven't had problems using my HP printer(s) from a machine with only 
> 512 MB RAM, but again, I do not ever build the package from source.
> -- 
> Sincerely,
> Aere
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