[lubuntu-users] LibreOffice 5

Wilbert Heeringa wjheeringa at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 12:42:58 UTC 2016

Dear all,

I have a question about LibreOffice. I put the same question on
libreofficeforum.org about two months ago, but did not get any response yet.

I use Lubuntu 14.04.3 and LibreOffice which is a 'still' version
and therefore said to be stable.

When loading a large document in LibreOffice, and selecting all text, and
subsequently changing the font, two things happen:

1. the scroll bar on the right does no longer work properly
2. the main menus on top of the screen do not work any longer.

I have to close LibreOffice with 'kill -9 id' in a terminal window.

Does anyone know how these problems can be solved?

I did not have these problems with LibreOffice 4.6 en OpenOffice 4.1.2, but
I prefer to use LibreOffice 5.

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