[lubuntu-users] Google NOT as default homepage

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Dec 5 18:48:30 UTC 2016


several users of the Ubuntu flavour 'Ubuntu Studio' are activists who
care much about security. We had a lot of discussions on the users and
developers list. With one voice we brought down to the common
denominator, that security and privacy aren't a state a distro could
provide, it requires much knowledge of the user to actively maintain
security and privacy. Some distros could help to maintain security and
privacy with less effort, than other distros, but this is done at the
expense of e.g. limiting available software.

The best privacy and security is to be aware, that there is no security
and privacy anymore, as soon as you connect to the Internet. It's
beyond most users'skills to actively maintain privacy and security.

Distributing Firefox might or might not allow to change defaults without
forking it. You can't expect that Ubuntu provides Firefox with
defaults, that divert from upstream, at least not because many users
expect to get Firefox with defaults they are used to. There are already
several forks available. Pale Moon, IceCat, Iceweasel and TOR browser
come to mind. QupZilla provides at least the look and feel of Firefox
and there are tons of minimalist browsers available, too.

I guess for most user-friendly distros Firefox with it defaults will
remain the default browser and most expert orientated distros by
default don't come with a browser installed at all.

"Pull a Homer -- to succeed despite idiocy." - The Simpsons

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