[lubuntu-users] [lubuntu-devel] issues Installing LXQT\ubuntu using the wiki page

Walter Lapchynski wxl at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 24 20:27:37 UTC 2016

Yeah the problem from the OP is the daily PPA.  Simon's causes no such
problems. Thus, while you're thinking is not wrong, it's not relevant. If
anything, we should warn people not to use the daily PPA.
On Apr 24, 2016 1:22 PM, "Phill. Whiteside" <phillwuk at gmail.com> wrote:


I do appreciate the keeness, but when faced with "it doesn't work" I ran

and it worked. My reasoning is therefore that we should stick to a proven
working system that will, after all, be what Julien pushes forward for
adoption. Asking for updates to that PPA should be a concentration, not
trying to run a system that will not be the one that goes forward for

Just my 2 cents worth.



On 24 April 2016 at 21:17, Simon Quigley <tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> The Lubuntu PPA has the metapackage, but it has other packages that in my
> experience have caused conflicts. The PPA is just a single, clean instance
> that takes packages from Ubuntu.
> --
> Simon Quigley
> tsimonq2 at ubuntu.com
> tsimonq2 on Freenode
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