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> Subject: Spotify linux preview
> I am running the Beta 2 version of Lubuntu 15.10 64 bit and have installed
> the Linux preview version of Spotify from the internet as its not in the
> repo.Spotify installs but will not open,Ihave discovered that it need
> libgcrypt11 for 64 bit os.I have tried to install this using the Terminal
> sudo apt-get command but I get invalid command.
> Has anyone found a way to get spotify to work in 15.10  NB works perfectly
> 1n 14.04?


Did you try using synaptic to find the version that would be compatible
with your system?  Using the terminal is often dependent upon the
***proper*** spelling or exact name, whereas synaptic can many times
"figure it out" . . . .  I know it is the "lowly" GUI, but, in a pinch,
etc.  Or, you can use synaptic to figure out the exact name to use in
terminal, it could be "spotify-act now"  . . . (humor) . . . i.e., some
other word added to "spotify" . . . .

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