No network manager lock icon (for the VPN) in Lubuntu 15.10

Israel israeldahl at
Mon Nov 9 00:12:02 UTC 2015

On 10/29/2015 02:57 AM, gus wrote:
> Hi!
> I've upgraded 3 days ago to Lubuntu 15.10 (I was on Lubuntu 15.04 since then).
> The network manager icon when I connect to my VPN doesn't appear anymore
> (it's like a lock on the normal network manager icon).
> I've found a bug report on previous release but the problem apparently came
> back...
> I'm using the default Lubuntu theme. If I switch to Oxygen theme icon for
> example, the problem disappears.
  I just found this in my junk folder, sorry you got ignored :(
There are a couple of reasons this could be, at least from my experience
with doing lots of interesting things to my computers. :)

Sometimes when you upgrade it could overwrite previous files as root,
and so you do not own the files.  So, check your home folder for
the easiest way I know is to open a terminal and run
ls -la
This will list everything in your home folder with lots of extra
information, such as permissions, ownership and file size.

you'll see something like
-rw-r--r--  1 gus gus  42 Nov 8 18:04 myfile
make sure everything is owned by your user (assuming gus in the example).
EXECPT ../ (dot dot forward-slash)
drwxr-xr-x  5 root                   root                      4096 Aug
31 23:25*../
*this *should* be owned by root.

Another possibility is that the icon theme is not being set correctly. 
How are you changing it?  Are you using the normal lxappearance
application (Customize Look and Feel)

There is a possibility of some conflicts with other programs that use
gsettings, or another thing.  But I would suggest looking and making
sure things like
~/.config/gtk-3.0/ are owned by you as well as settings.ini inside that
directory (if it exists).

There are other possibilities too, and maybe someone else will have
insight on this issue.

Again sorry for the late reply, we were not ignoring you, but sometimes
Junk filters don't do what I want.


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