Install problems: Encrypted LVM Lubuntu install on USB hard drive

Tom Cloyd tomcloydmsma at
Sun Nov 8 03:55:24 UTC 2015

Nio and list -

Problems remain: 2015.11.07:1100 - ISO burned, won't boot


*file:* lubuntu-15.10-alternate-i386.iso
*md5sum* [from]:
d88846ba3a7493cc4b792680c43ad8ef *lubuntu-15.10-alternate-i386.iso
*md5sum check:*

tomc at LDT:~/software_archive$ md5sum lubuntu-15.10-alternate-i386.iso
d88846ba3a7493cc4b792680c43ad8ef  lubuntu-15.10-alternate-i386.iso
tomc at LDT:~/software_archive$

*result:* boot attempt on both my netbook and desktop led to flashing
cursor on blank screen; no other response observed.

The install process went fine. No issues. But then the disk just would not
boot. Disappointing.
I'm retrying this, using the 15.10 desktop version.


On 11/06/2015 04:37 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:

Hi Tom,

Which version of Lubuntu are you trying to install? I have been testing
the iso files prior to release, and Encrypted disk (with LVM) works for
me according to this testcase (for the Lubuntu alternate installer)

If you want encrypted home, you should try the newest version 15.10. At
least some older versions have problems due to problems with cryptswap.
I think you are affected by that bug.

Best regards

Den 2015-11-06 kl. 09:53, skrev Tom Cloyd:

On 10/18/2015 10:19 PM, Aere Greenway wrote:

On 10/18/2015 10:14 PM, Tom Cloyd wrote:

check with gparted on more time (all's well), and start my attempt #5

Might the "Volume group name already in use" message occur because of
the above (the checking one last time with gparted)?

I'm sorry to have to report that all my attempts to install an encrypted
Lubuntu OS to a USB hard drive have failed.

I won't even try to catalog the hills and valleys I've gone through
trying to get the installation procedure to work. I have to conclude
that it simply has not been adequately tested. No matter what error I
work my way through, another one pops up. I have to cut my time losses
and abandon the effort.

One thing that certainly needs to be fixed is this: once the install to
the USB drive actually starts, and before it throws up whatever error
it's cooked up this time, there is a complaint about the existence of an
unencrypted swap, and a request that I run "swapoff". I then have to
blow off the install process, get back to a command line to run swapoff,
then restart the whole process. This is plain stupid. That workflow just
makes no sense.

Is there any way to do this install without using the normal
installation procedure? A way that actually might work?

Thanks for any help offered.

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