Lubuntu 14 && U-MATE 15 installer issues [PPC]

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at
Fri May 15 20:02:36 UTC 2015

On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 11:26 AM, Peter Golis <golisp at> wrote:

> Hello Fritz,
> Yes, I had shown to you approx. the same steps as are done by automatic
> installation process. But this is different was as you are describing as
> "bug in installer". Could you please show picture of creation partition
> type Apple_Bootstrap with system NewWorld bootblock? You can take a picture
> using your phone if you dont know how to digitalize it. This small
> bootstrap partition type is required by yaboot and partition type nor size
> nor system can be changed for that use.
> And regarding kernel log, there will be better to show that log. Apport is
> required part of base installation. I believe, it was not removed from
> installation medium. Also, you can that log transfer using different disk
> (e.g. small usb disc or any removable medium) to any computer instance with
> internet access. Right?
> Also, dont forgett to check downloaded installation medium for deffects
> and check if you have enough RAM installed in your computer for graphical
> installation.
> Peter.

Funeral services are being scheduled for this install . . . sometime soon.
After this morning's boot into 15.04 going to black screen, I rebooted a
short while ago, back into single user and when screen went black I was
able to open a TTY shell that I could see and read.  I was then able to
"repair" the ethernet connection, and then ran the apt-get dist-upgrade,
which included a new kernel.  That is the good news . . . .

On reboot I just let "Linux" be the boot param and we made it again to the
Ubuntu MATE splash . . . and then into a dmesg-like list; this time we got
passed the "authenticate and authorize privileged users" . . . (which is
where it was crashing before") . . . and now we got down to "started
runanacron jobs . . . printer . . . " and then again with the "p link was
shut down."

System freezes . . .  and the TTY will now not open . . . .

So, these problems with crashing are continuing in the GUI . . . and, even
with single user, still seems like "display is found" . . . but then screen
goes black . . . and this last time a few minutes ago going to TTY did not

Perhaps I can boot a live desktop and then open GParted, which should show
me how the disk is partitioned . . . and I could take a picture or perhaps
screen shot of it.  However, as mentioned many times now, Yaboot is
working, so that isn't an issue.

The issue on the installer appears to be the "double flagging" of two
partitions with "/" in the "manual" installer; whereas the "automatic"
installer did install the system, which I was able to get to the MATE
splash, after which the system has crashed . . . so the system itself seems
to be "very buggy" . . . and now, even after update/upgrade . . . problems
with crashing GUI and black screen in single user are still happening.

For triage purposes if there is something I can do to provide data to you I
will put off the funeral, but as of right now I can't get to a TTY, so I
can't do "apport" and I don't know the commands to send a copy of the
Xorg.0.log . . . but even if I did it would have to be from a live desktop
image??  Would that work?  I don't think that would be the same as the
installed system log, right?

Possibly if I reboot again it **might** let me get back into a TTY, but the
whole thing is so unreliable that without some advanced assistance on how
to repair it . . . it just is beyond my skill level to fix or use.  If it
doesn't do basic stuff like log into GUI with internet connection or even
reliable provide a read-able single user interface . . . how is that

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