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Thu May 14 15:05:01 UTC 2015

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On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 2:23 AM, Peter Golis <golisp at> wrote:

> Hello Fritz,
> I had seen " set up a 10 MB "new world boot" partition" in your email also
> with remark about deleting "/" from label which was followed by "put osx
> into sleep". This is really bad handling, and the best is to reinstall
> linux after that as nobody know how it was rolled back from osx to
> olderLinux instance. This will make clean statement about possible bugs or
> installation issues as your previous errors was caused by touching disks
> across different OSes in parralel.

Sorry to say that what you have written here isn't clear.  There was a
progression in my story of several attempts to use "manual" install, in
both Lubuntu 14.04 && U-MATE 15.04 . . . all  of which failed.  I then
deleted my manually constructed partitions, making them "free space" and I
ran the installer as "automatic"  "install alongside OSX" and that install
was "successful" . . . except for the kerenl crash dump, which I thought
was because of my editing of the Yaboot and making of Xorg.conf file . . .
but from reading posts on Apple Hardware User forum, other people have had
these same issues with Yaboot not installing and kernel dumps in 15.04 . .
. . .

Of course I rebooted to get back to OSX.

> If you want dual boot with hibernation or suspend to RAM, then use reboot
> when loading other OS or mount disks from other OS only as read only. And
> also, don't mount "NewWorld bootblock" in any OS.
> P.
> PS: MAC OS X on Power architecture had latest ussable version (Tiger) for
> IBM Power CPU which is unsupported since 2007. Next possible version of MAC
> OS X (Leopard) was optimized for Intel CPU and it was also recompiled for
> Power architecture, but it had performace degradation when it was run on
> Power CPU and is also unsuported since 2009. So, issues with MAC OS X and
> other OS is techniclly out of scope for anybody due to end of life from
> Apple vendor. No matter if Linux users are affected by running unsupported
> commercial OS.

Right, apple has dropped support for PPC architecture, which is why I
originally started looking for alternatives in open source.  But, and
speaking very frankly, 10.4.11 still runs both of my PPC machines very
well, and with Ten4Fox I have an updated browser . . . and so far I'd have
to say that linux for PPC has not caught up to even Tiger in terms of how
it runs the machine for basic tasks.  I am waiting for the day when PPC
linux can run a machine and offer basic stuff like "sleep" such that the
machine isn't running at top speed or shut down . . . clean graphics . . .
stable kernel.  As I've mentioned 12.04 came the closest for ease of
install and basic operation, since then it's clear that PPC is dropping off
the radar and is seemingly getting worse in implementation and development
rather than better . . . .

Of course that is my subjective experience, but seems like the "bugginess"
of 15.04 has been confirmed by other PPC users . . . one gentleman
proclaiming that he is "selling his G5 and abandoning the fight" . . . so
he apparently sees the PPC devs as adversarial in nature . . . ????  Or, in
my case . . .  unresponsive . . . . .

As of now it appears as though 15.04 has broken the ability of my iBook to
connect to the ubuntu ports . . . so any insights on how to remedy that
situation would be directed to the present problem . . . .  It looked like
if I could run update/dist-upgrade a new kernel would be installed and
perhaps that would fix this crash problem???  Also a "dhcp" was listed,
which might possibly fix the ethernet problem????


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