Lubuntu 14 && U-MATE 15 installer issues [PPC]

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at
Wed May 13 19:22:32 UTC 2015

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 11:55 AM, Peter Golis <golisp at> wrote:

> Hello Fritz,
> Did you had hibernated MAC OS X with connected disks which held Linux /
> yaboot and performed disk layout reorganization? I will not comment that.
> Regarding workarrounds, you can fix upstream kernel as is opensource.
> Network using sungem is working to me also in kernel 4.0.2 (vanilla).
> Workarround will fix the problem, but it does not provide solution.
> P.

Question 1:  Just rebooted into OSX and put it to sleep.  I wanted to add
the reminder that on this install that "worked" I didn't format the
partitions manually . . . I wiped the partitions and made them "free space"
and then used the "install alongside OSX" option, so the installer set up
everything, Yaboot flagged as "boot" . . . .

But, even though this started as what I thought was an "installer" issue,
which in some sense it is, since I couldn't get the install to go through
using "manual" . . . this now seems like a kernel crash issue, as we can
get to the U-MATE splash . . . but system then dumps before Lightdm window
opens . . . .

Statement 2:  OK on the "fix the kernel" . . . way above my skillset, I'm
just an end user.  And, glad you could fix the ethernet problem . . .
probably be Thurs or Friday before I have time for messing with it again.

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