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Wed May 13 18:55:57 UTC 2015

Hello Fritz,
Did you had hibernated MAC OS X with connected disks which held Linux / yaboot and performed disk layout reorganization? I will not comment that.
Regarding workarrounds, you can fix upstream kernel as is opensource. Network using sungem is working to me also in kernel 4.0.2 (vanilla). Workarround will fix the problem, but it does not provide solution.
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On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 10:15 AM, Peter Golis <golisp at <golisp at>> wrote:
Hello Fritz,
is good to hear about your successfull recovery for yaboot.
Regarding mentioned other points:
1) Backdoor: This is normal for any OS installation which does not have secure boot nor encrypted disks.This is not limited to Lubuntu, Linux. This can be also in Windows, OS/2, Solaris and other OSes.
2) Network: Lot of Apple hardware have wired connection using sungem driver which work fine for lot of years to me. Wireless network on some devices can require switch to legacy driver as is described in howto.


Thanks for the comments . . . however I don't think anything I did "recovered Yaboot" . . . from Sunday and the apparent problems with booting from "c" key and or failing to boot "l" from Yaboot window . . . I just put the computer away, possibly not even shutting it down, but in "sleep" in OSX.  Then last night re-started with DVD in and it booted up . . . .  And then restarting again Yaboot allowed the choice for "L" . . . and that's where the system "crash" occurs . . . freezing on "p link is down" . . . nothing can be done, no TTY only shut down via power button.

In terms of the ethernet, this wasn't a problem in 12.04 or even the installs of 14.04 that I've had, but somewhere in the past it was . . . from the single user I ran "modprobe sungem" command, which worked to fix the problem before in my iMac 800 . . . this time, nada, nichts, nothing . . . tried it a couple of times to no avail.

Right, the wifi and sound have remained a problem since 12.04 and can be adjusted at some point . . . seems more important to be able to boot the system . . . first . . . .

And, also agreed, the PowerPCFAQ offers work arounds for problems that haven't been fixed . . . .

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