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Wed May 13 08:23:37 UTC 2015

Hello Fritz,
Did you had try to press "c" before chime will play during boot initial sequence with loaded PowerPC bootable medium, or do you want only to discuss about that problem without any try to fix your deleted yaboot after you had deleted "NewWorld bootblock"?
I will recommend Lubuntu 14.04(.02) Mac (PowerPC) and IBM-PPC (POWER5) desktop image to be burn onto CD/DVD and used for that task. Your choice with Super Grub looks good as is based on GRUB. GRUB support PowerPC with boot from Open Firmware (IEEE 1275-1994), but Super Grub was not tested ieee1275. So, your choice was wrong.
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On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 12:34 AM, Peter Golis <golisp at <golisp at>> wrote:
PS: I cannot understood which error of installer did you had mean. Hooking of boot path into OFI to call yaboot and later also linux kernel is not part of manual partitioning. This is part of yaboot post installation step (configuration).
Also, I cannot inderstood what did you mean by pressing "L" during boot. This key used for booting Linux is part of yaboot, not open firmware. And yaboot is what you had successfully removed from boot sequence. Yaboot have also option to boot from "C"drom, optionally boot from "N"etwork and boot back to "O"pen firmware, but my suggestion to press "c" was before chime will play. This will say dirrectly to OFI to activate direct boot from CDROM without yaboot.


OK, "enter it in combo box" . . . don't know if I recall seeing that . . . and then question remains as to what I would  type . . . as per Peter's ideas.


I hadn't gathered the full sense of "doom" on this one until reading your comments . . . I had blithely assumed that I could "run the install again" . . . but, since I must have messed up with no "ybin" and I can't boot the DVD with the "c" key or using Yaboot selection . . . it will probably be hard to try to run an install again . . . .

So, you've mentioned this open firmware but what would I do or type in open firmware to recover the appended Yaboot conf file?

Or, you are saying Yaboot does offer "recovery"???  So, when I pressed "tab" key the only option I saw was "Linux old" . . . .  I tried that but, nothing.  Can I type "recovery" after I press L in Yaboot?

The other errors I had written from memory and I don't recall what they are or were . . . probably another day or so before I get back to the "linux on iBook" project . . . .  Indeed as you mentioned 12.04 had no problems installing on it and needed no Xorg.conf file and nothing appended to Yaboot.conf file . . . it just installed simple and fast.

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