Lubuntu 14 && U-MATE 15 installer issues [PPC]

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Mon May 11 20:06:17 UTC 2015

Classic tl;dr. Someone fill me in if you need my help. Did want to point
out that the issues with the installer really had nothing to do with this
situation, but was more about planning for things like Snappy. My idea
about getting a text mode for ubiquity so that we could get rid of the
alternate installer was also discussed, but neither are relevant.

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On May 11, 2015 11:54 AM, "Fritz Hudnut" <este.el.paz at> wrote:

> On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 8:59 AM, Aere Greenway <Aere at>
> wrote:
>> I always use the "Something Else" (manual partitioning) option, and it
>> has (so far) always worked for me.
>> The thing I see in your e-mail snippet above that makes me wonder, is
>> your "new world boot" partition.
>> One of the partitions that Linux looks-for, and creates if necessary, is:
>> /boot
>> Your "new world boot" partition would not be recognized as "/boot", so
>> presumably it would create its own "/boot" partition under "/". But perhaps
>> there are other things you did in the manual partitioning (such as where
>> GRUB is installed) that could cause a conflict.
>> I recall that in installing Linux alongside Mac OS X (using manual
>> partitioning), I needed to create a small partition (of a name the
>> installer suggested) into-which the boot-loader (GRUB) is installed.
> Aere:
> Thanks for the thoughts . . . I for the most part have mostly used
> "something else" with manual partition, on Intel MBPro . . . the "boot
> loader" partition is "bios_grub" and grub is installed there.  Without that
> partition it says "successful install" . . . but system will not boot into
> linux.
> But, PPC is a tad different in that it uses Yaboot . . . and I usually am
> short on time so I haven't looked into the PowerPCFAQ author's suggestion
> to try GRUB  . . . and, with some installs if I try to use "automatic" it
> won't install Yaboot . . . so I also lately have been using "manual" and in
> this case I've done it a number of times, previously no problems with the
> install selecting "new world boot" as the label for Yaboot, and ext4
> flagged as "/" . . . and on some forum it may have been said that "Yaboot
> might not install into the partition, but it looks for it" . . . .
> But, mainly posting here because there was some discussion about
> "installer issues with desktop iso"???  My last install on the iBook was
> not that long ago and I used the mini installer and blithely selected
> "GNOME DE" from the drop down menu, not knowing that GNOME required 1GHz
> processor . . . other than that the install went well . . . using my same
> "manual" partition scheme that I used in the last two attempts.  So
> something seems to have changed, I don't recall seeing the "/" label on the
> New World Boot partition the last time, and I was/am thinking that the dual
> "/" caused "internal conflict" in the installer's "mind" . . . but, neither
> one of them could be adjusted or changed . . . .  I'm assuming that from
> what you are saying that "/boot" label would go on Yaboot/grub
> partition???  But, there was no choice provided for any label there, only
> in the "ext4" partition could options for "/home" or something like that be
> made in a drop down menu . . . but ***historically*** I always picked "/"
> for the "ext4" . . . and it all "went well."
> F
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