Lubuntu 14 && U-MATE 15 installer issues [PPC]

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Mon May 11 18:54:36 UTC 2015

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 8:59 AM, Aere Greenway <Aere at>

> I always use the "Something Else" (manual partitioning) option, and it has
> (so far) always worked for me.
> The thing I see in your e-mail snippet above that makes me wonder, is your
> "new world boot" partition.
> One of the partitions that Linux looks-for, and creates if necessary, is:
> /boot
> Your "new world boot" partition would not be recognized as "/boot", so
> presumably it would create its own "/boot" partition under "/". But perhaps
> there are other things you did in the manual partitioning (such as where
> GRUB is installed) that could cause a conflict.
> I recall that in installing Linux alongside Mac OS X (using manual
> partitioning), I needed to create a small partition (of a name the
> installer suggested) into-which the boot-loader (GRUB) is installed.


Thanks for the thoughts . . . I for the most part have mostly used
"something else" with manual partition, on Intel MBPro . . . the "boot
loader" partition is "bios_grub" and grub is installed there.  Without that
partition it says "successful install" . . . but system will not boot into

But, PPC is a tad different in that it uses Yaboot . . . and I usually am
short on time so I haven't looked into the PowerPCFAQ author's suggestion
to try GRUB  . . . and, with some installs if I try to use "automatic" it
won't install Yaboot . . . so I also lately have been using "manual" and in
this case I've done it a number of times, previously no problems with the
install selecting "new world boot" as the label for Yaboot, and ext4
flagged as "/" . . . and on some forum it may have been said that "Yaboot
might not install into the partition, but it looks for it" . . . .

But, mainly posting here because there was some discussion about "installer
issues with desktop iso"???  My last install on the iBook was not that long
ago and I used the mini installer and blithely selected "GNOME DE" from the
drop down menu, not knowing that GNOME required 1GHz processor . . . other
than that the install went well . . . using my same "manual" partition
scheme that I used in the last two attempts.  So something seems to have
changed, I don't recall seeing the "/" label on the New World Boot
partition the last time, and I was/am thinking that the dual "/" caused
"internal conflict" in the installer's "mind" . . . but, neither one of
them could be adjusted or changed . . . .  I'm assuming that from what you
are saying that "/boot" label would go on Yaboot/grub partition???  But,
there was no choice provided for any label there, only in the "ext4"
partition could options for "/home" or something like that be made in a
drop down menu . . . but ***historically*** I always picked "/" for the
"ext4" . . . and it all "went well."

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