No suspend after XFCE Power Manager added (Israel)

Israel israeldahl at
Sat Mar 28 00:47:00 UTC 2015

to clarify I use *mini.iso and build the OS and use JWM*, not Lubuntu.
But, my iBook has very low memory.

If I have more than 512MB RAM I can use Lubuntu easily.
There are systems that cannot even run Ubiquity (the Lubuntu installer).
For those I use JWM, but I still use some Lubuntu components (PCManFM
for a one example)

I actually use a variety of Ubuntu, depending on the hardware.
I use my own minimal system on low end hardware.
I use Lubuntu on the next step up.
I sometimes use Xubuntu on 2Gig systems
If I have 4Gig I usually use vanilla Ubuntu, or Gnome, or KDE.

I like all the varieties of Ubuntu, though Lubuntu has a very special
place in my heart!  It was the first OS I used on a low end unusable
machine.  Lubuntu fixed it and made it faster than it had ever been.
Plus, I am pretty excited about the new LXQt version, and look forward
to using it!!

On 03/27/2015 07:32 PM, Brendan Perrine wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:07:38 -0500
> Israel <israeldahl at> wrote:
>> iBook, as it is much faster than LXDE.
> Isreal what do you mean by jwm interact with Lubuntu.
>  1. If you mean installing it alongside as a stand alone window manager you login into from the display manager it is just another session you choose alongside. It would just be a choice to login to. If you find you do not like it you can always just log back into Lubuntu Lubuntu-netbook or openbox sessions. You would still have most of the programs that come with Lubuntu and could launch firefox sylpheed abiword pcmanfm audciaous etc. 
> 2. *** This is posible but Dangerous and not recommended *** 
> I don't think you mean this but If you mean taking openbox out of LXDE and putting jwm there instead which can be done in default applications for lxsession you will have some work to configure it as you will lose the keybidings in openbox and window decorations. I don't think most users on the mailing list or in #lubuntu would really be able to provide much help on doing this so you would be on your own and please do not try this in production. although if you do decide to persue this a drop down terminal that is lightweight like tilda could help rescue you with the openbox --replace when you do break the window manager. I would recommend creating a new user to not mess up your production envrionment if you want to play around with it. 
> 3. I haven't looked in to see if running lxpanel in jwm would be lighter but this is another possbility but search first. 


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