No suspend after XFCE Power Manager added (Israel)

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> Subject: No suspend after XFCE Power Manager added
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> I installed Lubuntu-core on a small machine and suspend (sleep?) worked
> fine.  It suspended when I closed the lid and when I pressed the sleep
> button.  I added xfce-power-manager to the machine to be able to see in
> the panel how much power remains in the battery and since then the
> machine does not suspend either when I close the lid or when I press the
> sleep button.  Also, even though the power manager settings say "ask"
> when the power button is pressed, nothing happens any more when I press
> it.
> I don't need the power manager but I do need suspend (sleep?) / resume
> and would very, very much like to have an easy way to track power
> remaining in the battery.
> This is on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS on a Celeron M processor.  Can anyone
> suggest a way around this?
> Regards,
> Lars
> >
> I wonder if power manager is actually running.  For instance, if you
> click Preferences: Power, does it report that it is not running?
> I have to use this workaround to make it auto-start:
> >
> Hi,
> You most likely need to make an appropriate polkit rule for using
> consolekit/upower/devicekit.
> make a file
> */etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/consolekit.pkla*
> containing:
> [Power]
> Identity=unix-group:users
> Action=org.freedesktop.consolekit.system.*;org.freedesktop.upower.*;org.freedesktop.devicekit.*
> ResultAny=yes
> This is how I use dbus to suspend machines without using a normal
> session manager :D
> Lars, et al:

I also would like "suspend/resume" to actually work. I think Lars and I
have filed bug reports about this in the fairly recent past . . . and which
does not really seem to have been addressed, as it still remains an issue
in my PPC computers running various linux/ubuntu OSs.  Whereas, in the same
computers, running OSX . . . no problem.

I'm seeing these two other suggestions about how to potentially fix the
problem . . . one might ask if it was so simple why haven't the devs just
fixed it?

But, interesting to note that "before XFCE power manager it worked" . . .
as most systems seem to use it . . . .  Over on my LM MBPro, "suspend" does
work, although it can have "issues" about "waking" . . . .  This single
problem is one significant barriar to more consistent use of linux as a
frontline OS . . . I don't like to have the computer fan/processor blowing
madly while I'm not actively using the computer, and like to be able to
"wake up" faster than a cold boot at times throughout the day.

But, Israel, you are saying that simply by creating a file that contains 5
short lines that the suspend/resume will be working?  Again, why then are
the devs not including those 5 lines in an update/upgrade patch?

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