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Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Fri Mar 6 07:39:01 UTC 2015

Hi Lubuntu users and friends,

After helping us to test the test-case 'Alternate Install (Encryption)
in Lubuntu Alternate i386 for Vivid Daily' Ventrical at the Ubuntu
Forums wrote this very inspiring post for us, who care about Lubuntu :-)

It is extremely important to have a working, coherent and comprehensive
alternate.iso (such as that we have been testing) because there is a
trend for younger students to work with older hardware and be able to
have some rock solid form factors to experiment on. It is equally
important the instructional content be clear, concise and succinct
covering all of the possible loops and supposition errors.

White hot programming inspiration is too difficult to deploy on phones
and tablets. They are more analogous to executive toy playthings and not
rock solid desktop terminals which will always be in demand. There is a
large market for older hardware/desktops for noobs and experimenters.
And a lot of that older hardware has virtual features that newer
hardware does not always have. What better OS to use as a benchmarker
than Lubuntu alternate.



Ventrical found this logic bug:

But I do not see the option where it will allow to select bootloader
manually.... I'm still looking..

Ahhh .. got it ! This is a logic bug. In my own case I assume that If I
choose 'no' that I will loose my install - it doesn't report at first
that I have the option to set the /dev/sda manually. (so it is natural
to try again and assume install is wasted .. and also you can go back
and re-install software - so original install is not wasted, hence
saving time.



He wants us to spend some time to further improve the test-case, and
suggests the following improvements:
Select Yes to accept the changes and press Enter
You should see a request for http proxy information

***Leave empty for none. That means do not put any info in the dialog
box. Hit the tab key to
highlight <continue> and press <Enter>***

Input http proxy info or press Enter
Wait for a while - The install may seem like it has locked at a
percentage but is actually working in the background. You can check and
see if it is working by switching to tty4 (ctrl + alt + f4).

Select 'No' to install grub boot loader. *** A dialog box with your
partition information will
come up and you can choose target drive from there.*** and select it
manually. # Changed from yes to no
Enter /dev/sdx
where x is the target drive letter (often a) and continue.

I think these suggested changes should actually be done in the
*alternate installer* (rather than the test-case) for the benefit of all
users, not only the few of us who are iso-testers. Or even better, the
automatic selection of target for the bootloader should be improved, not
only the text for the user, but also the mechanism under the hood.

Best regards

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