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Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Mon Jun 29 15:09:24 UTC 2015

Den 2015-06-29 14:09, Ian Bruntlett skrev:
> Hi,
> I carry around a LinuxVoice DVD with Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Xubuntu /
> lubuntu 14.04 on it.
> I also carry a 1GB USB flash drive so, in an emergency, I can install
> lubuntu 14.04 LTS (32 bit). Its formatted as FAT32.
> I decided to rewrite the flash drive using a 14.04 lubuntu 32 bit image.
> I used Startup Disk Creator and it consistently failed after I typed in
> the (correct) password when the finally bit of writing needed my password.
> I have tried checking the USB flash drive out - in particular I've
> formatted it, copied .tar.gz files to it and checked the .tar.gzs for
> errors. No errors there.
> Any other ideas?
> Also, after 9 months, PDFs of previous Linux Voice issues are available
> from
> BW,
> Ian
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Hi Ian,

The Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator wants an ISO file. What .tar.gzs did you
copy and check?

I think it helps, if the pendrive is empty (formatted to FAT32, but no
files), when you use the Startup Disk Creator. The Lubuntu iso file is
smaller than 1 GB, but I don't know if the Startup Disk Creator needs
more space anyway, maybe some work-space.

I would recommend that you install from


and I know that you can use mkusb to make a 1 GB USB pendrive into a
Lubuntu live drive and/or install drive.

Best regards

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