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Subject: Re: Lu for student accounts & wifi--B. T.
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 20:43:28 +0100
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On 18/06/15 15:46, Marc Tremblay wrote:

> Because these are shared devices he wants to connect them using
> “computer” authentication on our WPA2 Enterprise network like we are
> able to do with Windows machines.
> I do not know how to achieve this in Lubuntu??

Hi Marc,

Network Manager is fully capable of connecting to WPA Enterprise
networks. The protocol is a business standard which Ubuntu supports. My
wife has just spent the last two years at university in the UK, and
connected her linux laptop to the uni' network which used WPA2 Enterprise.

The process is quite simple: use the Network Manager icon to select the
enterprise wi-fi network name as you would normally do. Then choose
'WPA2-Enterprise' as the type of wireless security. You then need to get
the correct settings for your school network from the IT manager. This
link from a USA university shows you an example of the settings that you
need to configure:-


After a small delay, if the IT Manager has set up the RADIUS server
correctly, the connection should just work. Good luck.

Your school IT manager sounds like he is quite hostile to linux, and is
looking for ways to to prevent it from working rather than visa-versa.
Try to keep positive because linux machines work happily within WPA
Enterprise networks all around the world.


Barry T

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