Lu for student accounts & wifi--B. T.

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Thu Jun 18 14:46:48 UTC 2015

Hi Fritz,

Part of the solution would absolutely be to create desktop accounts for the shared Lubuntu devices but our Network manager now wants me to figure out how to get these Lubuntu devices to use Computer authentication as opposed to user authentication. He only wants to do this for the class sets of Lubuntu devices. All of our users have access to the WIFI through their domain accounts.

Because these are shared devices he wants to connect them using “computer” authentication on our WPA2 Enterprise network like we are able to do with Windows machines.

I do not know how to achieve this in Lubuntu??

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Hi Marc,

Do your students' user accounts have admin privileges?


Barry T

The simple answers are always the most direct answers.  Perhaps they could be set up as "guest" or whatever would provide access to basic services but nothing that could alter the system in any significant way.
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