Security question regarding hiding the WIFI configuration username and password

Marc Tremblay mtremblay at
Tue Jun 16 13:15:46 UTC 2015

Good morning,

At our school board we have been converting all our older technology to Lubuntu. Our network manager has brought up a problem that he views as a security risk. He is not familiar with Linux and does not really like having these devices on our network.

In Network connections, users are able to access the network connections for the WIFI, click on edit and then click show password to see the credentials used for the WIFI access. In the case where the device belongs to one individual that's not a problem but we have a many class sets of devices used by many students and we don't want them to see the WIFI credentials and share them with friends etc..

I know this is probably very simple but is there a way to have the network connections section password protected? In most cases when you try to modify settings and install programs you are prompted for a password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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