Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Fri Jun 5 12:52:21 UTC 2015

Hi Lubuntu users,

I think seamonkey is a good light-weight browser, but the instructions
at the seamonkey web site to install it into linux are a little too
primitive, or should I say, different from typical installations. New
users might have problems to understand how to install seamonkey. More
advanced users might want a method that is installing it for all users,
not only the own user.

And above all, Israel Dahl made a script to create the nice environment
around seamonkey for ToriOS, to use it as the default for several
purposes. Seamonkey is actually all of these: a mail program, an IRC
program, a web browser and a simple WYSIWYG web page editor.

So the script Israel made also generates desktop files for the mail, IRC
and a localized web browser script. This makes 3 extra desktop files, as
the one that comes with seamonkey is not localized.

I think it is worthwhile sharing it to be used also in other
light-weight distros. I tested Israel's script and seamonkey in Lubuntu
14.04.2 LTS i386 (32-bit) and things work well :-)

So I made a tutorial thread at the Ubuntu Forums showing how to use
Israel's script, but also a simpler manual method to install seamonkey
locally. See this link

Best regards

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