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Thu Jun 4 13:14:22 UTC 2015

Hello Israel,
Could you please summarize your problems?
You had written about issue with accessing console using Ubuntu mini. Are you talking about Mac Mini, or Ubuntu Minimal installation? Did you had try to force ofonly for video card during boot process?
You had written about issue with power off when you had try to install random software. Did you had checked computer battery and power source?
You had written about issue with sound. Did you had tested module loading?
This email have conversation topic "ubuntu-15.04 PPC issues", where is available Ubuntu 15.04 for PowerPC architecture? 
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> Dátum: 04.06.2015 13:51
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Hi Peter,
 My issue running Lubuntu (and Mini and Debian Jessie) on PPC was much larger than a sound issue.
 There is little I can do to even boot to anything coherent.  I cannot even get to a console reliably to even begin to try to modprobe, or mess with xorg, or any of those fine things that PPC often requires.  In the Ubuntu mini, I would run for a while fine, but if I tried to install something the computer would simply turn off.  It surely is possible the hardware is no longer working, but I will test out some that I know to be working (12.04 worked flawlessly), and with 14.04 I can:
 sudo modprobe snd-aoa-whateverone
 and mess with alsamixer.
 Thanks you for your input!!  I appreciate your insights and help.
 On 06/04/2015 02:00 AM, Peter Golis wrote:Hello Gentleman,
As was mentioned previousely, and as is written in PPC FAQ, better is to try load missing module.If that will not help, then there is need to try 12.04 Live with old PowerPC sound modules and check type of hardware together with /proc/cpuinfo for model type. From that type can be made patch for upstream kernel as migration from snd-powerpc to sns-aoa-* is not yet done.
Have a nice day,
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On 06/03/2015 07:45 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
 > Israel:
 > Right now 14.04 is fine for PPC . . . there is a "Fixing sound in
 > 14.04" thread on the Apple Hardware sub-forum . . . some are "easier"
 > to do than others . . . .  I have some posts on that thread, and once
 > I got around to trying to fix it, mine was pretty easy . . . .  There
 > are instructions, perhaps on the PowerPCFAQ, as well . . . you have to
 > find out which "device ID" alsamixer is using???
 > If you can't find the thread, let me know . . . "rsavage" is the
 > gentleman who posted the fixes for sound there.
 > F
 Hi Fritz!
 I haven't looked at that thread in quite a while (probably close to a
 year...), so I will revisit it, since I am sure there have been more
 suggestions and fixes.  I didn't see the alsamixer thing, so I will
 definitely have to give it another look!
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