Lubuntu 15.04 64 bit Problem with Desktop Shortcuts

Aere Greenway Aere at
Tue Jun 2 15:40:18 UTC 2015

On 06/02/2015 09:23 AM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> I decided 15.04 was too "buggy" to continue with it.
Admittedly, I am not trying 15.04 on PPC, which seems beset by numerous 
challenges & big problems.

But all of my upgrades to 15.04, as well as new-installs of 15.04 have 
been successful.

My most challenging machine (an HP Vectra, 450 megahertz speed, 512 
megabytes RAM), which was a new install of Lubuntu 15.04, had no 
problems, and the subsequent system testing went well.

This is not meant to minimize the problems Fritz has encountered with 
PPC.  I am merely stating my own experience with installing (and 
upgrading-to) 15.04, on a variety of (mostly older) machines, using 
different Ubuntu variants.  I even have a few amd64 machines, and have 
not (yet) encountered problems with 15.04 on them.


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