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> Or maybe your 15.04 installation is messed-up somehow.

et al:

That is a distinct possibility, it does seem like there are "issues" with
15.04 that aren't immediately obvious after an install.  I ran into
"problems" on my recent Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 install after the previous 14.04
version ate itself . . . and posting on the forum thread "Ubuntu 15.04 PPC"
I believe was a comment that "both U-MATE & Lubuntu 15.04 have problems
with 'systemd'??? with some instructions on how to downgrade Xorg . . . "
etc.  I was able to get to a TTY for awhile, but when I found the time to
try to install "upstart" . . . I couldn't get to a TTY at all . . .
checksum had been correct after several downloads.  I decided 15.04 was too
"buggy" to continue with it.

For those interested in PPC issues, I then went back to a Lubuntu 14.04.1
DVD that I had tried before using "manual" install, and since using
"install alongside" in U-MATE 15.04 had worked, I tried that in Lu 14.04 .
. . after several minutes an error opened saying "install failed."

I got out a Ubuntu 14.04 mini installer and checked the partitions that the
Lu installer had set up, interestingly, the Yaboot partition was set up as
1MB . . . so I ran the installer like that; whereas the U-MATE auto
installer had set it up as 977KB . . . and the mini install went through .
. . so far so good, took a couple hours . . . added the xorg.conf, yaboot
boot params, wifi . . . almost back to where I was a couple of months ago .
. . just sound to add . . . iBook G4 PPC.

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