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(this was accidentally sent only to me)
On a side note, I like JWM because it can emulate tiling and also is a
stacking window manager.
I wrote my own menu generation script so it only has what I want :)

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I ran into a similar problem where I was fed up with searching through
menus.  In the end I went to i3 and created a keyboard layout to launch
the programs I use the most.  As a side benefit, I really like tiling
WMs so much better than floating windows.  i3 took a few days to get use
to but now if I have to go back to LXDE it seems...wrong.  I'm sure that
in a few more weeks I'll have weened myself off this dependency and will
abandon LXDE  entirely.

Keyboard maps in i3 are really easy to create.  I use the <alt> for all
of the standard i3 launchers and the <win> for my custom launchers.  I
even made a map that I use as my wallpaper so if I forget how to do
something it's easy to look it up.  For example <win> + w launches
Google Chrome, <win> + e launches Thunderbird.  This keeps my hands on
the keyboard (for the most part) and off my pointing device.

i3 has it's faults or at least I've not learned enough to get around
some issues.  I would have really liked to use <win> + @ as my
Thunderbird launcher but haven't managed that yet.  I also would have
liked to use the <fn> key to map my F1-F12 keys but I haven't worked
that out either.  It's not high on my list of priorities so I don't
worry about it much. 

On 01/06/15 13:24, Israel wrote:
> Hi,
> Alacarte might work... It didn't work in precise, but it may be
> working again.
> You can edit categories there.
> You could make a custom menu in ~/.config/menus/custom.menu
> You could use the debian-menu which has lots of categories.
> Navigate in pcmanfm (or terminal) to:
> /etc/xdg/menus
> lxde-applications.menu
> is your current menu.
> debian-menu.menu
> is the menu more similar to what you are talking about.
> *cp /etc/xdg/menus/debian.menu ~/.config/menus/lxde-applications.menu*
> AFAIK this should work to replace the menu structure with one you like
> If you don't like it simply delete OR edit
> ~/.config/menus/lxde-applications.menu
> On 05/31/2015 03:20 PM, Ian Bruntlett wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use both Ubuntu and lubuntu. And so do my friends.
>> The problem that I am trying to explain, is, basically when it comes
>> to software packages, us Linux users are spoiled for choice.
>> Personally I believe in "divide and rule".
>> When I'm running Ubuntu, the Launcher pretty rapidly fills up. I'd
>> like to be able to tell Ubuntu to have a special kind of entry in the
>> Launcher - not a single programme, but a group of programmes - a
>> container. This will make it easier to set up systems for friends
>> because I could put all the stuff they're interested in on the
>> Launcher and put stuff they should be interested in into a container
>> entry in the Launcher. So if they're rarely going to run games, they
>> could be discretely placed away in some kind of Launcher-container-entry.
>> Also, on lubuntu, the same problem happens, to a degree. There is a
>> hierarchical structure there, with branches for Internet, Office and
>> Games. However, if you install one of the games-finest packages, the
>> "Games" branch quickly uses up its space on screen and you get scroll
>> bars. Not the best way to access things, in my opinion. I would
>> recommend games packages having an extra, sub-category. This will
>> give the GUI a bit more information - instead of always storing
>> something in "Games", you could have some in "Games - Board" or
>> "Games - Arcade" etc.
>> This is less of a problem with big screens. It is particularly
>> noticeable on my NetBook. However, my tallest monitor experiences
>> those problems as well.
>> HTH :)
>> Ian
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> Regards

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