Lu 14.04.2 testing on PowerMac 3,1

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at
Wed Jul 29 16:18:59 UTC 2015

I think I posted this to forum under "Testers wanted for 14.04" thread,
but, booting Lu 14.04.2 LiveDVD spun from 2015218??? downloaded 6/26/15
using boot params "live" brings a clean resolution display, colors and text
are rendered well . . . so far no "freezing" issues. However, the text in
the ***window toolbar*** is so garbled as to be unreadable.  The same text
showing in the ***desktop toolbar**** is clearly read-able.

Also, symbols that are non-text, arrows, gmail icons that are circular, the
"Google" image, anything non-text" are not well drawn.  Interestingly, as
I'm typing this email/post in Gmail, the various "action" icons for
attachments, fonts . ..  change their resolution as what I'm typing is
"saved" . .  . when "saved" they are clear, when "saving" they just show as
images built of horz lines.

Don't know if doing xorg.conf file would make a difference, it's just the
selective nature of the disorder . . . rather than whole GUI is black or
other disaster, just window toolbar text is wack, and, symbols.

Otherwise, things seem to be "OK" . . . but this window toolbar text issue
has been around since I first tested 14.04 on my now defunct iMac???

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