Another question-- Window compositing in Lubuntu 14.04

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> Is lightdm terminated (and re-initialized) by logging off, or does it 
Lightdm stays as a display manager unless you restart it. It also because of lightdm that you can graphically switch users with to users logged into sessions and select among different Desktop environments or window managers. When the screen is locked lighdm is not restarted. If you restart lightdm it basically logs all graphical users out and have to start a new session. Restarting lightdm with a screensaver with the forced log out could really easily lead to data loss until the last save if you were say editing a text file or in a word processor and as such restarting lighdm when locking the screen is not a good idea. Light locker the current default screensaver for lubuntu and xubuntu takes you to the lighdm greeter screen for authentaication. 

Although if your grapical interface is not responding and nothing seems to work restarting lightdm could get you back to a working graphical interface once you log in again. This is something I would try if the graphical interface is not responding and you can switch to a tty instead of just cold booting the machine. 
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