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Tue Jul 14 00:10:13 UTC 2015

On 07/12/2015 05:45 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
>     ..
> @Israel, et al:
> Another technical question came to mind on this "compton &disown" . .
> . besides wondering if there is a "sudo" in front of any of these
> commands.  And that is, since I am running XFCE, which has its own
> compositing manager, and then possibly LXDE, which does not . . . if I
> run this "compton" command while in LXDE, will that end if I log out
> of the session and then log back into XFCE?  Or would I need to do a
> restart to "bust out'a Compton"?  Or, I'd have to run another command
> to "stop compton"??? "quit compton" ???  "compton stop what u r doing"??
> Just wondering because when I was messing around in Openbox I right
> clicked on the drop down menu for "window managers" and I then picked
> the other option than where it was by default, which was something
> like "WFwm"??? and when I did that . . . no more right click drop down
> menu, couldn't do anything???  I think I had to shut down, and then on
> reboot, checking back in OB and the original wm was back to what it
> was?? OBwm???--neither one seemed to have compositing on the dock
> window. 
> In other words, on the XFCE side, window compositing is working fine
> as far as getting rid of the cairo dock "shadow" . . . so would
> hanging with "Compton" be messing with other window managing
> "municipalities" like the busy rat from XFCE trying to go about their
> business?  Or, that wouldn't matter, once the "compton -b" command is
> run, it's going no matter which DE session its in or even if
> restarted, but the OGs from Compton would help out with the XFCE
> compositing functions (for a small cut of the profits, etc). 
> Or, I would have to run "compton &disown" each time I log into an LXDE
> session?
> Thanks again,
> F
Hi again Fritz,
When you log out of XFCE it should kill all running processes except for
things like NetworkManager.
If you want to kill a process like compton
pkill compton

if it is a root process you need
sudo pkill /<process>/

If you want to stop a service like network manager or lightdm
sudo stop network-manager

So, if you get in a bind in your window manager drop to a TTY
log in
sudo stop lightdm
sudo start lightdm

sudo restart lightdm

this will bring you back to the lightdm login screen (or log you into
your default session if you auto log in)

In other words the OGs from compton stay in their hood while the OGs
from XFCE stay in theirs... and things can get messed up if you try to
bring compton to XFCE.


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