Window compositing in Lubuntu 14.04

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Thanks for the details, much more clear and even looks do-able for the GUI
driver . . . .

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> Hi Fritz!
> sorry for not being more explanatory there.
> you can run a command from a terminal and then add *&disown* after the
> command to disown it from the terminal.  Then if you close the terminal
> the program will still be running.  If you don't disown the program from
> that terminal it will close when the terminal closes.
> feel free to test it with something simple, like leafpad to make it
> clear the window closes when you close the terminal, or not (if you add
> &disown).
> compton -b   makes it do the same thing as disowning it (basically)...
> it runs compton in the *b*ackground
> I'd highly suggest using compton over xcompmgr, since it is in active
> development and has fixed some of the bugs in xcompmgr.
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