Window compositing in Lubuntu 14.04

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Straight back atcha from ten or so miles outside Compton . . . thanks for
the pointers.
Technically speaking would that be "compton &disown" OR "compton &
disown"??  AND/OR "compton -b"  ??? as a separate but similar command to do
the same thing as "compton &disown"  ????  Or "compton &disown (or compton
-b)"  is the full command???

I know I could check these options out, but, idle minds, and I've stashed
the iBook away and I'm back to my Sawtooth PM for awhile . . . which is
back to OSX && Xu 12.04.

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> Straight out of Compton...
> the official wiki is here:
> But to test it, just open the terminal and type
> compton &disown (or compton -b )
> This gives you the nice default setup
> As usual, Arch has a brilliant resource for configuring things..
> You can run the effects you want as a command OR edit a text file.
> check the arch wiki for more info when you want to roll through compton.
> The text file to save will be ~/.config/compton.conf
> Of course you can also read the manual page:
> man compton
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