Window compositing in LXDE 14.04 [PPC]?

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at
Thu Jul 9 16:17:10 UTC 2015


I've been continuing my testing of my min-installed XFCE 14.04 for PPC,
and, kind of a mixed bag . . . it's ***almost*** there in terms of a daily
frontline system, seems like the kernel figured out how to do "suspend" . .
. but still, glitchy when it comes to dragging windows and th fan runs
incessantly for "normal" tasks like typing emails . . . .  Both OSX 10.4.11
and XFCE 14 seem to have problems loading the Gmail page . . . .

Today I thought I'd add LXDE to the mix and had to figure out how to get
the toolbar moved out of the way of the cairo-dock . . . but then the large
"shadow" has appeared around the cairo dock.  In XFCE all I had to do was
open "window manager" and check the "enable compositing" box and I was good
to go.  Going through the numerous apps that might relate to window
management in LXDE doesn't show anything like that.

Can anyone point me to the application that might be the GUI option to
enable compositing?  Or, I have to add "compiz" or "metacity" or something,
which will then let me check the "enable compositing" box?  As it is now
the blue shadow cuts off a large swath of the screen real estate . . . .

Next stop, check and see if Openbox will show the cairo-dock && shadow . .
. or nothing at all . . . .  : - )  Dang, had to quit C-D just to see the
send button . . . .

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