Using scanner of Epson L210 on Lubuntu

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at
Thu Feb 26 05:15:09 UTC 2015

I use a Epson L355, on a network, without a problem...

Did you install iscan?

2015-02-25 7:55 GMT-03:00 Marlon Ng <guikaye at>:

Hi guys!  I'm running Lubuntu stable version.  I can print using my Epson
L210 just fine after installing the driver provided by Epson.  But I can't

Has anyone had success with this issue?

Thank you for your time!

So sorry. I included a link to a pdf for the rpm version of iscan.
Okay, so I'm home now and not trying to do this all on my phone. Go to 
Epson's Download Center here:
Type in L210 and you'll see two Downloads - one for the printing bit and 
one for the scanning bit. You (apparently only) need the second one.
L210 Series Scanner Driver Linux 2.30.1/1.35.0 core package&data package All language 02-12-2015
Click the blue "Download" button, scroll to the bottom of the next page 
and (read and) accept Epson's EULA and the actual downloads will appear 
You want to download .deb files (not rpm - again, sorry about that) 
appropriate for your machine - i386 or x86_64.
If you want the (correct) pdf file btw, you can get that from here too. It's 
called userg_e.pdf
Assuming for a moment you needed 32-bit iscan; download and install 
iscan-data_1.35.0-1_all.deb (first) followed by 
So, just to reiterate, the order of this is important.
1. Click the "Download" button next to iscan-data_1.35.0-1_all.deb and 
Open with GDebi Package Installer (default)
and install.
2. Click the "Download" button next to 
iscan_2.30.1-1~usb0.1.ltdl7_i386.deb and then Open that with GDebi 
Package Installer (default)
and install.
I'd keep going step-by-step, but I already have iscan installed on every 
computer on my home network.
You'll find the iscan software under Menu --> Graphics --> Image Scan! 
for Linux

Thank You,
God Bless You,
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