Plymouth does not respect default.plymouth in alternatives system?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Fri Feb 20 16:57:53 UTC 2015

For Intel chipsets affected by Bug 1389904 
the user sees a garbled, something's-clearly-wrong Plymouth splash 
screen at startup and shutdown.  I wanted to create and use a very 
simple monocolor Plymouth theme that I hoped would look OK. indicates that 
Plymouth uses the alternatives system to set the theme that it will use, 
and the themes are located at 
/lib/plymouth/themes/theme-name/theme-name.plymouth.  Then it references 
the tutorial that begins at for the details, 
except as amended by those two facts.

Rather than plowing through the details of that tutorial, I used this 
simple guide for my simple purpose (see section 5 on creating a very 
basic theme):

What I found was that though alternatives reports that my 
simple.plymouth is now the default.plymouth, the system ignores that and 
continues to boot with the lubuntu-logo.plymouth theme.

Can someone point out where I fell short or went astray?  Or how I can 
hack the lubuntu-logo theme to achieve what I want?  (On the latter, can 
I, for instance, simply delete some of the PNG files?)
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