Wifi Light Blinks Constantly, even when there's no apparent NetworkUsage...

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You can to the right place. A constant blinking light usually indicates network activity. Either it is in transition or stuck in a loop.

Are you using a PCI wireless network controller or a wi-fi USB adaptor?

Did you check your router for constant blinking lights? 

If you can disconnect your wi-fi adaptor from the router and see if the lights on the router still blink. This will narrow the problem to either the router or the adaptor. 

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I hope this is the appropriate place to send this. I have a small old netbook I wanted to breath life into. I'm not sure what specifically is needed. It's an Acer Aspire with an Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB ram, 8 GB ssd (yes only 8). I originally had a Fedora xfce spin on it and decided to take a chance on Lubuntu for a change. I decided to opt for the Lubuntu LTS version. I'm not completely new to linux as I said, but never used Ubuntu/Lubuntu or any debian-based Linux before. I doubt that's relevant. The issue is, unlike when I had Fedora, as easy and wonderful and beautiful as the new Lubuntu is, my Wifi light is going constantly. I turned off updates entirely because I thought it was wasting bandwidth and my precious small SSD space. That did nothing, so I tried sudo iftop -i wlan0 and saw essentially nothing going on...(occasional DNS entry comes up but thats it)...iftop seems a bit more descriptive than I'm interested in, but from what I can tell, it's showing that there's nothing going on, yet the light continues to blink. I don't want to permanently turn off the wifi light - I just need it to only blink to tell me if there's something happening - if it's downloading or not. I've done a google search, and all I can find is Stop the blinking wireless LED in Linux but I don't want to disable it entirely and it appears that's what this does. I'd just like it to only blink when necessary. Thank you in advance.

Stop the blinking wireless LED in LinuxI've recently had some problems with the wireless LED of my laptop in Linux. I have a Intel WiFi Link 5100 but this also applies to other Intel WiFi cards.  The LED...

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