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Wed Feb 4 02:45:25 UTC 2015

From: Steven Duckworth

Dear Lubuntu users,

Perhaps some of you have come across the problem of the orientation of
images stored using gThumb.
If I use "Tools" and "rotate right/left" to make the image vertical, it
then appears vertical, but it still uploads (using Firefox) in the sideways
(horizontal) position (but not always).

Should I be storing the pics in a special "Pictures" file, rather than
uploading them directly from gThumb?
These are images taken from my LG cellphone.

Thanks in advance,



I have not used gThumb to upload images (yet). But, some quick searching yielded [] which is a couple of detailed explanations about honoring the exif data (why what is happening to your photos is happening) and includes installing and using gThumb to fix the op's problem (the problem is the same as yours, just not the software the op was using).

The fix is in the first reply... right click on the folder containing the images and choose open with gthumb, then go to "Edit -> Select All" Then go to "Tools -> Rotate Images" and check "Apply to all images" and "Apply physical transform" and then click "Apply" and it will apply the physical transform to the all the images in which the exif data does not match the physical orientation.

But, you should really read the whole thing to be (I'd imagine) enlightened about the exif data and how that all works.

Thank You,
God Bless You,
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