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Sat Dec 19 00:09:00 UTC 2015

Inspired by all this favour for Brasero, I thought "Well, why not?" and  
fired it up. Bear in mind, please, that 90%+ of my disk-burning efforts  
are for producing bootable CDs/DVDs of .iso images of Linux distros  
downloaded from the internet. So this is probably the first time I have  
tried to make sense of the Bnow rasero menu. The menu-page tells me that I  
did try at some stage to do something with a Slacko iso, what I do not  
know and it does not tell me whether I was successful or not, nor when it  
happened. But it calls it a "Recent project". Down the left-hand side it  
offers me options to Create a new project: an Audio project, a Data  
project, a Video project, a Disc copy ("project" assumed) or a Burn image  
("project" assumed). Gathering distant and unhappy recollections, I think  
these could be better headed and grouped as

"Create burnable image/collection of"
   1:  Audio tracks for CD-player
   2:  Data files for PC-readable storage, or
   3:  Video tracks for TV or PC viewing

"Gather image off whole CD/DVD for"
   4:  Saving as image on HDU or copying onto new CD/DVD

"Burn image  obtained from"
   5:  1-4 above to physical CD/DVD
   6:  4 above to HDU

That would give me as a possible user a far clearer idea of what Brasero  
can do for me and what I have to do for it...  do you have any idea of  
what an "Audio project" conveys to me - organising a recording session  
with musicians, instruments, gear and all?  Not to mention a Video  
project! And at the end of the "project", will I have a nice newly burned  
playable DVD popping out? No, if I remember correctly, the actual work I  
know I want done will not have been addressed by the "project". Mustering  
files in some temporary directory I can do manually, burn I cannot.

Now a lot of the above is guesswork, I haven't tested out what I regard as  
the most charitable understanding of the menu-system that I can imagine.  
Shoot me down if you like - but I am just switched off by the conceptual  
inconsistencies in the Brasero presentation. I am not motivated to  even  
waste one DVD on checking my deductions. When I burn another iso in a  
month or two, am i going to remember the convoluted reasoning required?  
Especially when the "Help" menu refuses to find the desired information.

With xfburn in contrast, I can right-click on say a directory name in  
whatever file manager, Open with xfburn which will interpret the reference  
as being the right kind of image, select the right burn-to device  
(normally the default DVD-writer) and let it go. No, I don't think it does  
have an option to verify the write accuracy, but it comes up smartish with  
error messages if any problems are encountered along the way and I have  
never had a faulty burn that xfburn did not warn me of,  so I think it may  
be automatically verifying each track as it goes.

If you launch xfburn directly from Lubuntu's "Sound and Video" menu, you  
will be presented with an initial options page which boldly declares  
"Blank Disc: Prepare the rewritable disc for a new burn" which sounds like  
what you would like to see. The same facility is available from the  
"Actions" drop-down menu.

Hope this all is not too negative, obviously Brasero is working for some  

Basil Fernie

On Fri, 18 Dec 2015 17:40:51 +0200, Fritz Hudnut <este.el.paz at>  

> On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 4:00 AM,  
> <lubuntu-users-request at> wrote:
>> I prefer Brasero because it creating CD's or DVD's, it gives you the
>> option of verifying the copied CD/DVD.
> I'm with Aere on this one, I've been using Brasero to burn some DVDs &  
> CDs in 12.04 on my 00 Powermac lately . . . and the results have been  
> very good . . . .  >I even figured out how to "blank" with it as well .  
> . . not immediately obvious . . . .  : - )
> F

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