cannot print via network

Marlon Ng guikaye at
Sat Dec 12 10:04:26 UTC 2015

Hi guys.

I used to be able to do this before reinstalling my Lubuntu.

Two desktop computers, desktop A and desktop B. Both are connected to a
common wifi.

An Epson printer L210 model is connected to desktop B via cable. If I'm
using desktop A, I could print something over the network. First I should
add the network printer in desktop A, like so:

Systems tools -> Printers -> Add -> Network Printer -> Find network printer
- > type in the ip address 192.168.1.XXX in the Host field -> click Find

It would then find the network printer. Then I click verify, then click

That last step (clicking Forward) is where I'm stuck now. (I've never had
any problem adding a network printer before.)

If I click Forward, the mouse icon turns to "busy" icon, but it just stays
that way and doesn't do anything else.

I've tried reinstalling cifs-utils and samba thru synaptic---problem

Help please.
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