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On 12/04/2015 07:11 AM, david at wrote:
> On 04/12/15 12:00, lubuntu-users-request at wrote:
>> .... 
> As stated - the "Software Updater" shows me Firefox and any other updates. I have tried 98
> per cent of Ubuntu's servers. I have also tried with ethernet and wifi. I have tried to just
> download not install the package. I have tried every possibility for over 4 weeks.
> The result? Failure. Failure on ethernet. Failure on wifi. Failure on 98 per cent of the
> world's repositories.
> In fact I have given up on Firefox. I have downloaded and installed files much larger than
> Firefox - but Firefox always fails. I apply all other security fixes - but not Firefox.
> As there is no fix to this problem - I will wait till I get back to the UK in about a couple
> of months.
> Thanks for all your replies
> David
Hi David,
Your initial e-mail was a bit unclear whether you were using the
official repos or not, but this e-mail explains it very clearly.
It may very well be that your ISP is having some troubles.  You might
check with them to see if you can get the issue resolved.
You can also manually download it if you need.
(bottom of the page)
something like


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