Can't see other items in Menu

Brendan Perrine walterorlin at
Thu Aug 20 17:55:11 UTC 2015

On Thursday, August 20, 2015 9:07:13 AM PDT, Marlon Ng wrote:
> Hi guys.  When I open the file browser PCManFM, there is an 
> "Applications" on the left panel. Upon clicking it, I see the 
> exact same things as when I click on the Menu button on the 
> panel bar. However, there are a few things in "Applications" 
> that are NOT in the Menu. These are:
This happens if you have show hidden files in pcmanfm and then go to 
applications and these are hidden usually if you do not have anything in 
them. If you install a univsersal access application for example the 
onscreen keyboard onboard then universal access will show in the menu. 
Empty menu entries would usually make selecting things in the menu slower 
so they are hidden. 

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