upgrade from Lubuntu 12 LTS to Lubuntu 14 LTS on the extremely old desktop?

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 21:03:58 UTC 2015

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 7:53 AM, Peter Golis <golisp at centrum.sk> wrote:

> Old iBook with 128+512M RAM (same combination as my playbook) cannot
> handle big JS pages like FB. Most modern web sites eat RAM. Teoretically
> you can install zram on that system which will enable compression in RAM,
> but you will not win fight with modern web pages. That old iBook shall be
> used as remote terminal in this era unless you want to be HW hacker.
> Regarding PM 3,1, which model did you mean? Only PowerMac generation 7-11
> was expandable to 2G or more. Not PM3,1.
> Peter.

@Peter, et al:

Well, right, seems pretty clear that the iBook is now RAM challenged quite
heavily, especially by FB.

In terms of which PM I have . . . thanks to Israel setting up some PPC
friendly deb files and some pointed instructions on how to install them . .
. I'm now running the latest spec JWM/ToriOS DE in said PM 3,1 w/the 2GB
RAM . . . possibly I'm "overclocking" the RAM and so it doesn't yet realize
it can't use 2 GB??? : - 0

I can't seem to find the "System" page that shows which model computer I
have and how much RAM is installed in this ToriOS DE.  But, it has speeded
up the plow in terms of basic function in the Gmail window & the Yahoo Mail
window . . . haven't tried FB yet, but the 2 GB does, or has, seemed to
"work" adequately with this computer on these heavy JS pages.

I did previously check the computer ID over in the OSX side and that is
where I did see "3,1" . . . it's a "Sawtooth AGP" circa '00 ???? if that
helps you.

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