upgrade from Lubuntu 12 LTS to Lubuntu 14 LTS on the extremely old desktop?

Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 16:05:20 UTC 2015

You are right, this is probably the easiest way on PPC, but you also
need to install all the build depends manually, right.  So you also need to:
cd package_dir/debian
leafpad control
(or geany/gedit/mousepad etc...)
then sudo apt-get install ALL the Build-Depends

On 08/09/2015 07:24 PM, Herminio Hernandez, Jr. wrote:
> When I build a .deb package from a ppa I just download the source,
> enter the directory and run the following, "dpkg-buildpackage
> -rfakeroot -us -uc" and off it goes! On my 1.42GHz IBook G4 it runs
> fine, but does take forever. I am think lower CPU it would be time
> consuming, but can be done.
> ....


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