upgrade from Lubuntu 12 LTS to Lubuntu 14 LTS on old desktop?

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 17:47:28 UTC 2015

> In short: Yes you can, and should.  Do not use 12.04 as the version of
> LXDE (what Lubuntu is built on) is not supported.
> In Long:
> You can still use 12.04 if you want to use a PPA to install a different
> interface.  But even still 14.04 is a very snappy system.  I'd suggest
> upgrading to 12.04 for many reasons.

et al:

Just to rebutt on this somewhat confusing advice, "do not use 12.04"
followed by "I'd suggest upgrading to 12.04 for many reasons" ?????  : -
))  I still have Xu 12.04 running on my PM 3,1; I just got a number of
updates even last weekend on it.  I've considered the software reminders to
"upgrade now to 14.04" on it . . . I did move my iBook 933 MHz w/ 546 MB
RAM to 14.04, but doing so was not as trouble free as doing a 12.04
install.  In 14 I had to do an xorg.conf file to keep display from
freezing, and, then among other issues, the i2c thingie so that there is no

Of course this is in the **problem area*** of being PPC, but, in
comparison, 12.04 installed w/o issues, and, other than not having
"suspend" . . . it is fine.  There is always a new flavor of linux coming
down the pike, but, for the old hardware perhaps whatever runs best/easiest
is the best choice.

Will I ever bring my PM up to 14??? perhaps; I recently tested the LiveDVD
of Lu 14.04.2 on it, and posted my experience of having no need for boot
params, it was a bit "snappier" as far as running commands in the Terminal
went; but then the window title bar text is illegible . . . whereas
everywhere else the display resolution was fine . . . .  Very odd, not a
total showstopper, but, why take time to upgrade the old machine, and then
spend time getting it to do basic stuff, stuff that 12.04 is doing just
fine???  Didn't get any comments from the list on that one . . . in terms
of suggestions on how to render titlebar text so it would be read-able, or
ideas on why it would be un-readable, when the rest is fine.

Israel has mentioned "ToriOS" here on the list a few times along with JWM,
which is possibly still based on 12.04???  Would that be a way to get an
update on 12.04, but still keep the stability and ease of installation . .
. rather than increasing system requirements on hardware to move it up to
14??  Just trying to show that there might be benefit for staying with 12
on low spec equipment.


PS: Someone mentioned qupzilla here and awhile back, so I was looking for a
browser that could work on my PPC stuff . . . couldn't get it to show up in
12, but on the iBook with 14 it did, so I installed it . . . when I tried
to "go" to Gmail or other webmail pages, it crashed--several times . . . it
was "removed."  : - )
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