upgrade from Lubuntu 12 LTS to Lubuntu 14 LTS on old desktop?

Iaups Aromaz ialsousepropietarysoftware at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 23:05:48 UTC 2015

Why don't you consider buying second-hand RAM modules at Ebay?

For instance, two Kingston DDR-400 PC3200 non-ECC modules of one GB
each one cost something like 10-20 euros at Ebay United Kingdom. It's
likely to be cheaper at the USA.

Even there are best sellers who claim to tell buyers the compatible
modules provided they say the motherboard model and offer warranty.
Besides, Pay Pal protects the money against cons.

Choosing compatible modules requires to read the motherboard manual
since there are a lot of details: frequency, density...

After buying, you could check the memory with a memtest86 disc.

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