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Hi Zungo,

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> i have moved to linux recently and found lubuntu as a perfect start for me
> in the linux space,something i found to be a problem is the filesystem
> structure really different from windows
It is different. If you reply on this list what you know about the Windows
filesystem structure, I can try and explain how Linux differs.

> i used the software center to download some apps which i downloaded and
> installed perfectly ,to my dismay i couldn't find the path where the
> packages were installed and worse of i was running lubuntu as a liveusb so
> i lost all the packages after i shut down the system,my main question is
> where do i find the apps and their all dependencies that i have downloaded
> via the software center so that i can install them again the next time i
> run lubuntu and not having to download again and again....
Had a look on a lubuntu system of mine.

Tried using lubuntu software centre. Didn't get anywhere. However, I
install packages differently. Here is an innocuous example - installing and
playing tetris.

Go to Synaptic Package Manager (in the same sub-menu as lubuntu software
centre) and run it.
Search for tetris
You'll see plenty of packages
Right-click on ltris and click on "mark for installation". Synaptic Package
Manager (spm) will tell you about the packages that will also be downloaded.
Click on apply and then apply again.
Go to the lubuntu main menu, typically on the bottom left hand side of the
You should now have  a "Games" entry with a single entry in it 0 "ltris"

I hope my example proves useful.



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